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Main Services

Some of the services given by our company you can read in the chamber below.

Factory Control

You have done your research about the product you want quality and factory in China but have doubts about himself. For you, our friends experts has visited the factory or factories and prepare a report with pictures and video of their expert opinion.

Ship Cargo

General cargo ships with bulk orders method is selected. First of all charges in cargo ships is much more cost effective than shipping by air. Besides, the way obligatorily ship in high volume products are preferred. Delivery time takes longer than air cargo.

Air Cargo

We use air cargo to the fastest way to reach the products according to the request. The maximum delivery time is 10 working days in air cargo. Although it is known how much the cost, time savings is the most important shipping methods are always preferred for solid delivery.

Delivery Time

An important rule of trading is to manage the time. Pre-order, after the order, production time, shipping time and delivery time are delivered to our customers by the end of the beginning of the work in a certain way.

Commercial Documents

I'm realizing that all transactions under the laws of the country before and after the order. The completion of the necessary paperwork and import and export stage belongs to our company. We also provide customs consultancy.

Price Research

Our customers the products they produce the research needed to make our company even is free of charge. Collect detailed information about the product, in order to phase in price, quality, we convey information about the import process.

About Us

You can read the text to learn more about us.

Who We Are ?

Pardus Trade Co., Ltd. The center was established in June 2010, it is an international trade office, including in China Yiwu. China / Yiwu and Tekirdag / Kapakli two changes from local offices.

First store on Alibaba.com the identity of the manufacturer and wholesaler of commercial activity in 2008 continued Pardus Trade, also on Aliexpress since 2012, actively serving customers in the retail sector. All products will be provided directly from the factory of manufacturer or factory outlets are delivered to our customers in the most secure manner. All we received orders, products made before the necessary checks on warehouse, customer product photos are sent before the product shipment.

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Our Team

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  • Deniz Uzun Business Center 2. Floor Kapakli District Tekirdag City TURKEY

  • info@pardustrade.com

  • +90 (850) 304 1 346